how to file home insurance claim 2021


how to file home insurance claim 2021

Homes increase in value over time.

If we talk about the future, home is a kind of investment which gives us security in the coming time.

Therefore, you must protect your home with an insurance policy.

home insurance claims process flow chart

You need to know very well what’s the reason for the risks and exclusions in a home insurance policy.

If you are claiming home insurance, you should know the process, so that in case of an accident, the insurer should not suffer.

We will give you full details of the process.

Table of contents

  1. The claim process for home insurance
  2. Required documents for claim
  3. Tips for home insurance claim
  4. Flow chart- file home insurance claim
  5. How long does it take to pay a home insurance claim?
  6. FAQ/Frequently Asked Question

1- Claim process for home insurance

home insurance claim process
  1. When an accident happens, make sure your safety and the safety of your home first.
  2. Contact your insurance provider via helpline number, fax, or mail and explain the loss.
  3. Take photos immediately if your property is damaged, and make sure you keep the bills and receipts received after the accident.
  4. You submit all the required documents to your insurance provider along with the claims form duly.
  5. The insurance company is appointed a surveyor to assess the loss.
  6. You will be offered suitable reimbursement by the insurance company when the claim is valid.

2- Required documents for claim

  1. FIR investigation report
  2. fire brigade report
  3. replacement invoice
  4. the final bill of repair
  5. the original invoice for replacement
  6. court summons
  7. Invoices of owned goods, if necessary
  8. proof of rent of accommodation
  9. Invoice of GR/RR
  10. rental agreement
  11. The proof of withdrawal from a bank
  12. Transport details for lost luggage
  13. Copies of duplicate securities and proof of expenses for recovery of duplicate certificates
  14. Medical Officer’s certificate for death or disability
  15. hospital bills for treatment

3- Tips for home insurance claim

The following tips will help you expedite your home insurance claims process.

  1. Read the policy document carefully for policy inclusions and exclusions. You should be aware of what is claimed, and what is out of your policy.
  2. Carefully store your documents, and securely file all receipts and bills regarding your home. 
  3. Enter your evaluation details correctly.
  4. Make it a point to follow up after making a claim.
  5. Make sure that your claim form is filled in carefully.

4- Flow chart- file home insurance claim

home insurance claims process flow chart

1. File a Police Report

If there is a theft in the house, first file a police report. If you have made a theft claim, you will need to provide a police report to verify the details.

2- Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and report the incident. And later the insurance company will inform you whether the loss will be covered or not and for how long you can claim.

The insurance company will also give you an estimate of how long the process will take, and the amount of the loss.

3. Fill the Claim Form

The claim form should be filled and sent to you within a stipulated time frame after contacting the insurer. Once you complete the paperwork, be sure to send it back to your insurer immediately.

4- Provide documentation 

Provide you with all your bills and receipts in case of a personal property damage claim. Which provides the value and description of damaged or stolen items.

5- Prepare for the adjuster

  1. Include the cause of loss in your policy.
  2. Inspect your home structure thoroughly.
  3. Provide receipts, photos, or a list of the house.
  4. If it is a liability claim, the adjuster may ask for information from doctors, attorneys, or those familiar with the claim.
  5. Policyholders can have a detailed interview with you.

6- Receive payment

If you are insured for personal property, you will usually be sent a check for the actual cash value of the assets.

5- How long does it take to pay a home insurance claim?

There is generally no hard and fast rule for how long it takes to pay a claim, although there may be some time limits.

For example, claims may need to be paid within 30 to 90 days of approval.

The faster you file your claim, the faster the process is generally.

Receiving claim payouts affect:

  • How fast do you contact your company and fill out a form
  • A claim is quickly accepted or rejected
  • your claim type

6- Faq/ Frequently asked questions

Q.1. Is there a time limit for making a homeowners insurance claim?

You must file the claim within one year of the loss you are claiming.

However, property damage claims, depending on what state you live in, you are filing claim.

Q.2. How are homeowners insurance claims paid?

The claim payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit, or mobile e-payment. 

If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender will get covered by your insurance company.

Your payment will be credited to the leader account, and funds released after the repair is complete.

Q.3. Can you file a claim against someone else’s homeowners insurance?

If you are injured or your property damaged by someone else, and you know or suspect, you can make a claim with their homeowner’s insurance, provided take responsibility for the damage, and file the claim yourself.

Note- You have to provide proof to support the claim.

Q.4. What do we have to deposit in case of theft?

The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. An invoice for the value of the stolen goods has to be submitted.
  2. Cost of replacement of stolen items.
  3. First Instance Report (FIR).
  4. Duly filled claim form.

the time of need.

Q.5. What are the most common exclusions for any home insurance policy?

Most home insurance exclusions are generic. You must read and understand the wording of your insurance policy carefully so that you do not have trouble later, and You have to be aware of what is not covered.

Notethat items like jewelry, silverware, money, etc. will also have limits.

  1. The home insurance policy exclusions are as follows:
  2. Do not provide cover for animals, birds, and other animals.
  3. It also does not cover willful damage or bodily injury.
  4. It also does not cover damages caused by earthquakes.
  5. War, nuclear damage, etc.
  6. Trade property and automobiles.

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