Best health insurance for family floater plan 2022

Best health insurance for family floater plan 2022

Best health insurance for family floater plan 2022

Family life insurance is a plan that covers your entire family in one premium policy and sum assured. Such a health insurance plan gives coverage to two members at a time in case of hospitalization or any insurance diagnosis.

You can provide coverage of yourself, children, spouse for floater sum insured, which can be claimed by your family members as a whole. This plan is customized as per the needs of the family.

Best health insurance for family floater plan

The pandemic is going on, the health of your family should be of paramount importance to you. Health insurance is required to get good treatment for your family in the rising medical expenses. Nowadays, coverage of COVID-19 is added to the old floater family policy.

If you are looking to buy a suitable insurance policy for your family, then you can check and compare the best family health insurance policies on the policy market.

Benefits of taking family health insurance floater plan

The huge benefit of this is too large families, in which there are children and old people. The family floater insurance plan comes with a host of other benefits that the insured family can avail of. You can take coverage of family members of all ages in a single plan. Below are its benefits.

1- Freedom from worrying about the cost of hospitalization

A health insurance plan taken for the whole family saves you from the cost of different insurance plans. Also, you do not have to pay a separate premium for each family member. The insured can get cashless treatment like an individual health insurance plan. This way all your family members will get good medical attention without compromising on treatment.

2- Ensure new members easily

You can easily add a new member to these insurance plans. In the case of individual cover, you have to take a new policy for the new member. 

If you add your parents to your plan, then the sum insured is high. 

3- Cheap premium

By having health insurance for the family, you will not have to pay separate premiums for each. You can cover your spouse, children, and parents in one affordable plan. However, considering the parent’s health, we suggested taking a separate plan.

4- Get health insurance for your parents in the same plan

The advantage of this is that you can get health secured for your spouse and your parents in one plan. You can also take personal health cover for your dependent parents and your in-laws by paying an additional premium.

5- Option to avail additional benefits

There are many additional benefits like sickness cover, maternity cover, etc. For example, the young couple can also take maternity cover and cover for the new baby. However, it is available under the waiting period clause. You are requested to read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully if you want to get the best health insurance with maternity cover for your family.

6- get discount

Under a health insurance policy, you can also take advantage of many benefits and discounts offered by the policy. It is the easiest way to safeguard the health of your family.

7- Tax Benefit on Health Insurance Premium

The health insurance premium is tax-exempt under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. If someone is paying a health insurance premium for himself, he is eligible to take the exemption.

8- Things to keep in mind first

Always keep this in mind before buying health insurance for your family. Read the points given below carefully so that you buy the right health insurance cover according to the needs of your loved ones.

9- Coverage under family health insurance

While comparing multiple plans, it is necessary to list the coverage of all the policies. Almost all the plans cover daycare expenses, hospitalization expenses, ambulance expenses, etc.

While comparing the policies, keep in mind your chronic diseases, lifestyle, and the exclusions in the first 0 days.

Option to increase the sum insured of the family floater plan

There is neither inflation nor cost of treatment. Therefore, most insurance companies give the option of increasing the sum insured in the coming years. 

10- Cashless payment on hospitalization

Nowadays, companies provide the provision of cashless recruitment in their hospitals. It makes hospitalization easier. However, it is required to check whether there are good hospitals on their list or not.

11- Know the maximum renewal age

Many health insurance companies offer the opportunity to renew the policy only 60 to 65 years. These days companies also give a renewal for life. Take care and opt for a family floater health plan that works for your needs.

12- Easy claim settlement

Although all the companies do the work of settlement of claims as per the claim regulator, the process may vary from company to company. Before buying Best health insurance for family for your premises, make sure you go through the company’s claim settlement process. Nowadays, many companies provide cashless hospital recruitment so that there is no need to collect and fill any documents.

Eligibility to buy a family health insurance plan

Best health insurance for family is a form of group health insurance. In this plan, you can add many of your family members in the same plan in the same sum insured in the annual premium.

Many things keep in mind before getting health insurance for your family. These things are given below:

  • In this, you can add new members by paying an extra premium
  • The policy terminates when the eldest of the family reaches the age limit
  • You can also increase the sum insured to increase the coverage for one family member
  • Once a dependent child reaches one age, you cannot cover him/her in the same policy.
  • Do not add your old health insurance plan, as it will increase your premium.

How to claim family health insurance?

You can claim your Best health insurance for family in two ways and its process is given below:

Follow the points given below for the process of pre-authorization for cashless requests:

  • Email or fax the pre-authorization form found at the hospital’s TPA or insurance desk. You can also download it from the website of the insurance company.
  • Submit documents like discharge letters, medical reports, diagnostic reports, etc.
  • If your claim is accepted, the acceptance letter from the claim management team will come.
  • If you have any questions related to your claim, the company will contact the hospital.
  • If your claim is not accepted, then you will have to file a reimbursement claim.

The procedure for claiming repayment is as follows:

  • Submit the claim form along with documents mentioning the time of purchasing the plan.
  • Answer questions from the insurance company’s claims management team.
  • After submitting the form, you will get a letter of acceptance or rejection.

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is Best health insurance for family?

Family health insurance covers the entire family in a single policy. Its sum insured is fixed, and after the claim and medical facility of any one family member, this sum insured ends. The family floater can cover the policyholder, his/her parents, spouse, and children.

Q.2. Why should I get Best health insurance for family?

A family floater is cheaper than an individual plan. New members can be added to the floater plan.

Q.3. How does family health insurance work?

Its sum insured is fixed, and after the claim and medical facility of any one family member, this sum insured ends. Once a claim is made, it lapses, then the other member cannot take advantage of it till the policy is renewed.

Q.4. What is Family Floater Scheme?

The family floater plan allows the entire family to be absorbed in a single plan. Here the cover will be distributed by the whole family. A family floater plan is best for the health security of your family.

Q.5. Can I change my hospital during treatment?

Yes, you can change your hospital for better treatment and facilities but before that, you have to ask your TPA, who will analyze your case based on terms and conditions.

Top 5 family floater health insurance plan in India

To make it easier to buy a mediclaim policy for your family, we have listed below the best health insurance plans of the best companies. You can choose the plan according to your need according to the sum insured, coverage, age limit, pre and post hospitalization.

Insurance company

Family health plan

Sum Asurred

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Active Health Platinum

1 Lakh to 1 Crore

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Family Floater Health Guard

1-50 lakh

Bharat Aksa Health Insurance

Smart Super Health Insurance Policy

1.5 lakh- 1 crore

Care Health Insurance

care health care plan

1.-6 crore

Digit Health Insurance

Digit Health Insurance Plan

1- 5 million

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