Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021


Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021

International travel offers excitement, a reliable way to release your stress and spend quality time with your family or friend, then you have to choose travel insurance.

Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021

So, if you want to leave your worries behind and create memories for a lifetime, opt for international travel insurance.

Read on to buy travel insurance for a stress-free holiday.

Table of content

  1. What is travel insurance?
  2. Is travel insurance necessary for everyone?
  3. Requirement and eligibility
  4. Features of Travel Insurance Policy
  5. Type of travel insurance policy
  6. Benefits of travel insurance policy
  7. How to buy a travel insurance policy
  8. FAQ/ Frequently asked questions

1- What is travel insurance?

Under travel insurance, we cover all your travel risks. For which we charge a nominal premium. It covers those medical and non-medical expenses.


Under this insurance, if any untoward incident happens with you in the journey such as accident, health problem, luggage theft, flight missing, then the concerned insurance company gives you fair compensation.

This insurance is available not only for foreign travel but also for domestic travel.

2- Is travel insurance necessary for everyone?

Today most people want to visit someplace to take some break from their daily routine.

This trend today, it becomes necessary to take travel insurance as it is required for many reasons.

  • If a medical emergency comes in front of you during your travel abroad, then you may be worried about its expenses. In such a situation, if your insurance being insured, the insurance company will provide a cover equal to the sum insured on your treatment. This facility is available not only on foreign travel but also on domestic trips.
  • Some countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Cuba, and the UAE these place travel insurance conditions before granting visas for their travel. In such a situation, having travel insurance is required for traveling.
  • If something happens to you during the journey and your cash is lost somewhere, in such a condition, the company will provide a cover
  • You will get compensation for any untoward incident like flight delay, baggage loss, or flight hijack.

3- Requirement and eligibility

Before taking a travel insurance cover, you should check eligibility. It depends on what type of insurance you are taking.

Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021

4- Features of Travel Insurance Policy

Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021

5- Type of travel insurance policy

Below are the 6 types of travel insurance that you can choose from according to your travel plan.

1- International Travel Insurance

On a family holiday, honeymoon, or business trip, you can opt for region-specific international travel insurance.

The emergency medical treatment to delay/cancellation of travel, all covered under this scheme.

2- Student travel insurance

As an aspiring student, if you want to go abroad for studies, so the Student Travel Policy is the right fit for you. It gives you all the basic coverage of an international travel policy.

In addition, it also includes sponsor protection, study interruption, two-way compassionate travel, and bail bonds.

3- Family Travel insurance

Under this policy, you provide your entire family insurance cover on foreign travel,
according to this policy, you can get cover for medical expenses and non-medical expenses of any member of your family.

4- Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Under this plan, this plan is provided to those who have completed 60 years or above.
It provides cover for the care of ICU and chronic diseases, without medical check-ups.

5- Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Under the policy under this policy is 12 months, under which he can make multiple trips in 12 months, and the cover is provided in case of a medical emergency.

6- single-Trip Travel Insurance

It provides insurance cover for an international trip or only one trip to any place within India.
By the way, you can cover many places in a single trip under this insurance policy. And this policy remains valid till you return home.

difference between single-Trip an multi trip travel insurance

6- Benefits of best travel insurance policy India

Nowadays, outbound travel has increased in India. MNC culture, workforce diversity, globalization, and decent pay have increased the frequency of foreign travel.

Read about the benefits given below in the figure. Best features travel insurance policy India

  1. incur heavy emergency medical expenses in a foreign country
  2. Cashless hospitalization facility
  3. Immediate evacuation in case of medical emergency
  4. Up-graduation for Business Class
  5. Coverage for the cost of anesthetic dental treatment
  6. Compensation for travel delay/cancellation, loss or delay in check-in baggage
  7. Carrying out personal liability outside the country
  8. Getting a duplicate copy of lost passport
  9. Mandatory to obtain visa for some countries

7- How to buy a travel insurance policy

It would be better to take travel insurance online as it is convenient and the process is fast.

However, which policy you should take will depend on the number of insurance policy options that you have in front of you, what is covered or not covered.

Best guide to buy travel insurance policy India 2021

Some of the travel insurance companies are Aditya Birla Travel Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance, HDFC ERGO General Travel Insurance, IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance and Oriental Travel Insurance.

It is important to take the policy cover keeping you in mind. and see what’s in it.

Bonus Tips for Best travel insurance policy India

impact of corona pandemic
Today, Corona has affected every system, due to which the flight business has been affected more, due to which flights are being canceled, in which case cover will be available or not.
So the answer is that if the insurance has been done before the flight ban, then its cover will be available.

500 rupees to 2 thousand cost

The cost of premium for travel policy depends on your age and sum insured, and many more factors like the place of travel, number of days plan.

For example, suppose you have to travel to Mexico for less than a month, you may have to pay Rs 580 to Rs 1254 for a sum insured of Rs 1 lakh (Rs 74 lakh).

8- FAQ/ Frequently asked questions

Q.1.What is the best time to buy travel insurance

You can buy travel insurance 10 to 15 days before your trip schedule, and it is the best time to buy a policy.

Because travel insurance covers unforeseen events and losses

Q.2. Why do we need travel insurance?

 If any untoward incident happens with you in the journey such as an accident, health problem, luggage theft, flight missing, then the concerned insurance company gives you fair compensation.

Q.3. can we extend our travel insurance?

We all can extend our travel policy plan for a single trip up to 365 days, as no cover is given to us after 365 days,

But some company has changed this policy so that we can get more benefits.

Q.4. does the travel insurance company provide a cover for a credit card?

The travel insurance company provides you cover in case of theft or loss of your documents which is your identity proof but does not provide any cover in case of loss of your credit card, ATM.

Q.5. Is International Travel Insurance Valid for Domestic Travel?

No, if you are doing domestic travel then the international travel policy will not be valid for you, and for this, you will have to take domestic travel insurance.

Q.6. Will I Get Any Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund on the following grounds.

  1. on cancellation of visa
  2. trip is cancel
  3. early return to your country

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