Best guide for health insurance policy for child only in India


Best guide for health insurance policy for child only in India

Children have lower immunity than adults, which increases their chances of getting sick. And having an illness in childhood can greatly increase their illness cost.

That’s why parents are very aware of the health of the children, so they look for many good insurance plans for a happy, healthy childhood.

health insurance policy for child only in India

In this article, I will give you detailed information about child insurance plans.
So you can take a health insurance plan for a child.

Table of Content

  1. Check few things in the child health insurance plan
  2. Benefits of child insurance plan
  3.  Tips to buy the best child health insurance policy
  4.  Reason to get a health insurance policy for child
  5.  FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

1- Check few things in health insurance policy for child only

In a good child insurance plan, the company provides you multiple benefits related to the children’s health. The benefits of joining

children related to these policies are as follows.

  1. Health risk assessment
  2. Health-related counseling and primary counseling
  3. Provide qualified physician and health expert
  4. Critical illnesses also cover
  5. Maturity Care Cover

2- Benefits of health insurance policy for child only

  1. Child health insurance is less expensive than a standard health care policy.
  2. You can buy a good child health insurance plan online at an affordable premium.
  3. Get comprehensive coverage for your children.
  4. You can avail of the No Claim Bonus and get benefits of renewal.
  5. You can avail of various rider options and upgrade your existing child plan; at the cost of an additional premium.
  6. Finance for your kids helps in leading a stress-free life.
  7. You do not need to worry about the treatment and hospital bills.

3- Tips to buy the best child health insurance policy

health insurance policy for child only in India

In this point, we will tell you about some beneficial factors. Which you must check before buying the policy.
1- Check Your Budget

You need to prepare a budget before buying child health insurance so that you can buy a cost-effective policy for your child, which will cover your hospitalization and treatment expenses.

2- Hospital network

Before buying the policy, you must check which hospital they have tie-up in the list of network hospitals.

Also, see which hospital they have tie-up with near your home so that you will not be troubled in an emergency.

3- calculate a premium

Premium is an amount that you pay to the insurer every month. You can calculate your premium online with the help of a premium calculator on the company’s website.

With the help of this, you have to choose such a premium for your child, which can give you maximum coverage for less money.

4- check exclusion

While taking the child health policy check the company’s exclusion list thoroughly, and you know under what circumstances reject the claim.
Keeping this in mind, you should choose a plan for yourself that can give more coverage with minimum exclusions.

5- Maximum coverage

Choose a good health plan for your child, in which you can get maximum coverage for the expenses of your treatment. Under which you can cover annual health checkups, eye, dental examination, hospitalization, treatment, and medical expenses.

6- check age criteria

While taking your child’s health policy, you must check the eligibility of age. You will get the age of enrollment from 91 to 5 years.
Therefore, choose a plan that gives you the maximum renewal age criteria.

4- Reason to get a health insurance policy for child

6 reason to buy child health insurance

1- cashless hospitalization

You prefer health insurance to protect your children’s health when their health deteriorates so that you do not have the problem of medication, hospitalization, and treatment expenses in case of a medical emergency. Therefore, the company gives you the facility of a cashless transaction so that you do not need to carry cash at the time of treatment.

2- pre and post hospitalization expense

Under this, you can submit their medical bill within 30 to 60 days after the treatment, you do not need to carry it in your pocket and get all money under the policy.

3- network hospital

The advantage of network hospitals is that you can go to these hospitals for treatment. The advantage is that you can choose the hospital for treatment by looking at your locality. The facility of these hospitals is good and the best professional.

4- Annual Health Check-Up

Generally, it is costly to do an annual health check-up for a child. If you have a plan, then no need to pay any fee. You can get your children’s health checkups done comfortably.

5- tax benefits

If you have taken health insurance and are paying a premium, then you will be given tax benefit under section 80D.

6- Future Secure

The advantage of best child health insurance is that your child’s future will be secure, and you will be able to better treatment for your child in times of need.

5- FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. – What does child insurance do?

By taking a child insurance plan, the insurance company takes full responsibility for the treatment of a child, if needed, in which complete cover of an annual check-up, critical illness, and medical treatment.

Q.2- who is eligible for health insurance policy for child only?

The eligibility criterion is different for every company. However, most of the companies keep this criteria age from 91 to 5 years old.

Q.3. what is the waiting period of a child health insurance plan?

The waiting period duration is 30 to 60 days like all other companies.

Q.4- what is cover in the health insurance policy for child only?

The insurance company covers Health risk assessment, Health-related counseling, primary counseling, critical illnesses, and Maturity Care Cover. Provide qualified physicians and health experts.

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